Watch MotoGP Online

If you want to watch MotoGP online in South Africa then there are a few streaming options to consider. If you want to watch the races live and in English then there are some free options available.

If you want to watch MotoGP qualifying rounds then most of these sites will stream those too. If you want to stream the MotoGP practice rounds then you’ll have to consider using one of the paid streaming options. Here are your best options:

Before we list the sites that stream MotoGP you’ll need to make sure you have your Smart DNS proxy set up first. These sites are all blocked in South Africa so we’ll need to unblock them first. If you need help setting it up then check out our guide.

Once you’ve got it set up you can check out these MotoGP streaming sites:

10 Play – All the MotoGP races are streamed live on the 10 Play Bold channel. You’ll only be able to watch the live racing action but they don’t stream the practice or qualifying rounds.

SonyLiv – This Indian site streams MotoGP qualifying and race events live but none of the practice rounds. While some of the sport streaming on this website is free the MotoGP action is part of their Premium package. It only costs around R250 per year but it does take a little effort to get a paid account. Check out our guide to signing up for a Premium SonyLiv account outside India. You’ll also get access to a lot of other Motorsport and live cricket action.

Sky Sports Now NZ – If you’re a real MotoGP fan and insist on streaming all the practice rounds, qualifying and race day action then you’ll have to pay for it. Sky Sports in New Zealand costs $50 per month but then you get all the MotoGP action live. You also get access to all the Sky Sports channels as well as ESPN 1 and 2. This makes it a good deal if you’re into plenty of other sports besides MotoGP.

If you want to watch MotoGP online then the above sports streaming websites are your best options. If you just want to watch the live race then watch it for free on BBC’s Channel 4. If you want to follow more of the practice and qualifying rounds in English then you’re going to have to pay a few bucks.