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Watch Rugby Online

The easiest way to watch Rugby online in HD in South Africa without DSTV is […]

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Watch Cricket Online

You can stream cricket online in HD on a number of websites but our favorites […]

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Watch Soccer Online

Watching soccer online in South Africa without DSTV is simple if you sign up to […]

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We love watching sports online. It’s far cheaper than DSTV and there’s a lot more to choose from. We’ve put together guides on how to stream sport online from reputable sport streaming services around the world.

Watch Sport Online In South Africa

If you want to watch sport in South Africa without a DSTV subscription then streaming sport online is your best bet. There are plenty of dodgy sites where you can stream sport but most have loads of popup ads and even dangerous malware.

Our guide will show you how to access credible, authentic online sport streaming services like ESPN+ and SonyLiv. Some of these services are free while others require a paid subscription.

All of these sites are currently blocked in South Africa so our first step is to sign up with Smart DNS to unblock them.

Once you’ve got your Smart DNS service working you can start watching sport online from a variety of service providers.

Here are our guides to streaming sport on our favorite sites:


Hotstar and SonyLiv


Sign up for the free Smart DNS Proxy trial below and start watching sport online today!