Watch F1 Online

If you want to stream F1 racing online in South Africa then watching it on BBC Channel 4 is your best bet. They stream F1 races for free and just require that you register on the site with your email address.

This site is only available in the UK so you’ll need to have signed up for the Smart DNS free trial first and set it up according to our guide to unblock the site in SA.

If you want a little more than just the live F1 races then signing up for Hotstar is the next step up. They only make the live F1 stream available on their Premium subscription service but it works out to around R250 for the year.

Hotstar streams all F1 races live and in HD. The one thing we don’t like about their site is that it doesn’t have any schedule showing the upcoming Formual 1 races but that’s easy enough to find out via Google.

Besides the live F1 streaming, Hotstar also have the previous two races available to watch on demand. There’s no other analysis or interviews though.

Hotstar is only available in India though so, as with the other sports streaming services mentioned on this site, you’ll need to sign up for Smart DNS proxy first to unblock the site.

Watch F1 TV Pro In South Africa

For a more immersive experience you may want to consider signing up for F1 TV. You can sign up to F1 TV in South Africa but they really limit you as far as the options available to stream live races and camera feeds.

Signing up for a German account is the best way to get around this but gets a little tricky. If you’re not afraid of a little tech stuff then read on.

First we need to get a German VPN set up. Once you’ve signed up with Smart DNS you get access to all their world wide VPN servers at no additional cost.

Once you’ve signed up, head over to your “My Account” page on the Smart DNS website and then click on the “VPN” link.

Follow their detailed instructions and use the German server address from their list.

Once you’ve set up the German VPN connect to it and then load the F1 TV website subscription page in Chrome. Sign up for the German F1 TV Pro package but select the monthly payment option. That way if something goes wrong later you don’t lose too much.

In the billing section fill in all your details accurately, including the exact name and address related to your credit card. When you try to proceed with the payment it will give you an error message saying that your billing address needs to match your actual location.

Now comes the trick. Press F12 to open Chrome’s developer console and then click on the “Sources” tab.

Then go to scripts and open cgs.libs.min.js. Do a search (using ctrl-f) for the following text:


It’s a big file so it’ll take a little while to find it.

Once it finds that text click the line number of the line where the text was found.

Now you need to click the small blue arrow in front of “if(f!==i)”.

Click the “Complete Order” button again and now you’ll some text in an area on the right of your screen where you’ll see the country codes of the country you’re in (Germany – because of your VPN) as well as the country code of your credit card – South Africa.

Double click on the South African credit card code and change it to match the German code, DEU.

Now click on the little blue arrow again and the order should go through.

If you just want to stream F1 races live then the Channel 4 or Hotstar routes are far simpler, and cheaper, options. If you’re a die hard F1 fan and want to watch live onboard cameras and see all the telemetry while following the race then the little bit of tech trickery makes F1 TV a real treat.