Watch Live Sports On Facebook

One of the easiest ways to stream sports for free is to watch live sports on Facebook. The sports events they stream are a little limited but you do get to see some events that aren’t being televised elsewhere. Here’s how to access the sports streams.

Make sure you’re logged into your Facebook account and then head over to the Watch page. In the search bar you can then type in a specific sport or just search for “sport live”.

Now you’ll see a list of sports events that are currently being streamed live. It varies from region to region but there seems to be quite a lot of cricket games. We’ve watched some interesting school cricket from India as well as some minor international matches like Nepal vs Oman.

We’ve also watched some athletics and some minor basketball matches.

Facebook won’t be your best bet to watch sports online but it does stream some interesting live sports events. It’s worth a quick search to see what’s available.