How To Sign Up For Hotstar Or SonyLiv Outside India

If you’re looking to stream cricket or soccer online then Hotstar and SonyLiv should be the first websites you check. While they do stream some sport for free, a number of the football and cricket tournaments are only available on their paid premium services.

As with all the other sport streaming websites we mention, you’ll need to have your Smart DNS Proxy setup first before accessing these sites.

Because these cricket streaming sites are in India we’ll also need to change our Smart DNS region settings. On the “My Account” page on the Smart DNS site you need to click on the “Regions” link.

Scroll down to the channel group options. For Hotstar you need to change Channel Group B to “India” and for SonyLiv both Channel Group B and Channel Group D need to be set to “India”.

(Note: If you want to watch sport on ESPN+ you’ll need to have Channel Group D set to “United States”)

Now we need to sign up for a free account on SonyLiv and Hotstar.

To be able to sign up with either of these sites firstly you need to have an Indian mobile number. Part of the signup process requires you to enter a PIN number that gets sent via SMS.

They will only let you enter an Indian number so our first step is to get access to one. It’s pretty easy to do if you go to and sign up for an account with them.

They charge $2.50 to receive an SMS. Click on the “Add Credit” link on the left of the page after logging in. You’ll see some buttons trying to entice you to add $10 or $20 but we’ll be going for the carefully hidden $5 option.

If you click on the “Click Here” link shown in the picture above then it’ll take you to the checkout process with a $5 credit in your cart. You can pay via Paypal or with any credit card.

Once you have your credit sorted now you need to get a disposable Indian mobile number. Go back to the MobileSMS dashboard and select the country and service you want to sign up for.

Each mobile number can only be used once per account. Once you click “Request SMS Number” you’ll have see a number assigned in the “Your Numbers” section.

Now you can sign up for a free account with Hotstar (or SonyLiv following the same process with a different mobile number) using your email address and the Indian mobile number you just got.

When they send the PIN it’ll come up in your dashboard on the MobileSMS site. Save the number somewhere else as it gets purged from your dashboard after 180 days.

Now that you have a free registration it’s time to level up and sign up for the Hotstar Premium or SonyLiv Premium accounts.

The problem is that these sites only accept India credit cards or Indian payment processing options. You need to get someone in India to pay on your behalf.

There are a number of people on Fiverr that will do this for you. We’ve used this Fiverr service provider before and she is really professional. She’ll need your login details and the link to the service you’re signing up for.

We chose the option that only streams the sports (Hotstar VIP) rather than the full premium options with all the movies but that may also be worth considering.

She charges the $5 Fivrr fee, the Hotstar or SonyLiv Premium subscription and a little extra to cover foreign exchange and banking charges. In all it comes to about R250 or R300 for an annual premium subscription.

She’ll let you know once it’s all paid for and then you’ll have access to the Premium offerings on SonyLiv and Hotstar.

We use these sites mainly to stream cricket but there’s plenty of soccer and loads of other sport there too like Kabaddi. Never heard of that sport? Do yourself a favor and check it out.

Just make sure you don’t log out of your SonyLiv or Hotstar accounts and then clear your browser cache. If you do then you may need to pay to receive another PIN SMS to be able to log in again. Otherwise just choose the “Login with Facebook” option instead of using your email. That way you won’t be prompted to send the Pin again.