How To Watch ESPN+ Outside USA

If you would like to watch ESPN+ outside the US then follow the following simple steps.

As with all the other services mentioned on this website, ESPN+ is blocked in South Africa as it is only officially available in the United States. To be able to watch sport on ESPN+ we need to make it appear that we are accessing the website from within the US.

To do that, make sure you’ve signed up with Smart DNS and followed the instructions to set it up before following the instructions below.

Once you’ve got your Smart DNS solution going you can head on over to the ESPN+ website.

Sign Up To ESPN+

Now if we head over to ESPN+ we can sign up for their 7-day free trial. Click on the “Start My 7-Day Free Trial” button and create an account with a username, email and password. You can deselect the check box if you don’t want to receive promo emails from them. Then click “Sign Up” to proceed to the payment section.

Select the monthly or annual plan and choose your payment method. Using Paypal is probably your best bet, especially if you’ve got Dollars in your account. Otherwise just use your credit card details.

If you cancel the free trial before 7 days elapse then it won’t cost you a cent. After 7 days you’ll be billed $4.99 and will be billed the same amount every month thereafter as long as you don’t cancel your subscription.

Watch Sport Online On ESPN+

To access the live sport streams go to the ESPN+ page and make sure you’re logged in. Hover over the profile image at the top right of the page (indicated below) and you should either see a “login” link or your profile info including your ESPN+ subscription.

Once you’re logged in you can click on the “Schedule & Replays” link in the top menu.

Click on the “All Networks” drop down and select ESPN+. Now you’ll see all the live sports streaming on ESPN+. Click on the “Upcoming” tab to see what sports events are coming up. All the times will display in SA time.

If the list is empty just click on the date again for it to refresh. You can scroll down to see the different sport streams or filter by sport under the “All Sports” list.

In the “Live Now” list you’ll see all the sport currently being streamed as well as any live rugby streams. Click on the event in the list and a window will open where you can watch the sport live online.

If you get a popup asking you to sign up for the trial again, simply close the popup and refresh the streaming window again.

Other ESPN Channels

So besides the ESPN+ channel you’ll see there are plenty of other ESPN sports channels showing other events. If you try to watch one of the other channels you’ll get a screen popping up asking you to choose a provider.

Some of the cable TV options in the US include access to ESPN. You can’t sign up for those cable services but you can sign up for Hulu in South Africa. If you sign up for the full Hulu package you can use that login to access the other ESPN channels.

Sports Available On ESPN+

Here’s a list of just some of the sports you can watch on ESPN+:

  • Rugby
  • Cricket
  • Boxing
  • Esports
  • Ice Hockey
  • Basketball
  • Baseball
  • MMA / UFC
  • Soccer

There are a few sports that don’t get shown too often on ESPN+. Tennis and Cricket are streamed on ESPN+ sometimes but Hotstar and SonyLiv are a better option to watch these sports.

If you’re looking to watch sport online in South Africa without DSTV then ESPN+ is your best option. Especially if you’re mostly interested in watching rugby online. At only $4.99 a month it’s a lot cheaper than DSTV, it has a lot more sports and it streams in HD too.